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HR As A Vital Tool For Structuring And Grounding Your Business

First off – no – employing the services of a Human Resources person through a contract agreement or placing one on the pay-roll as a full-time staff is not a service for only the bigwig multinationals. Candidly, its relevance to the blue-chips is almost or at par with start-ups and the SMEs – HR provides structures which help to put small-scale businesses in perspective, create a solid foundation for the enterprise to fly, off the bat, and ensuring that from inception, processes and functions are laid-out and clearly defined. These are some necessities and requirements for big enterprises and likewise, SMEs, as majorly the focus in corporate ecosystems should be growth, sustainability, and maximizing returns. There are not any for-profit businesses that intend to run-down after some years or better still, I have not come across such – the point is that businesses that aim to succeed as a corporate entity, need to place a priority on HR functions.

No doubt, HR is a multifaceted one with each component being quintessential, as it serves a unique purpose to the attainment of the company’s general objectives. Though these components can be utilized in parts instead of a whole and at once, that is, businesses having the option of selecting specialized HR services based on what is needed in that period and financial capabilities, specifically when HR services are integrated through an outsourcing medium, as time passes the other components would have to be gotten for the full benefits to be reaped.

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Professionals in this field can come as generalists, certified to handle all parts of the discipline or specialists, who are proficient and provides specialized services. These experts –  consultants or generalists, can render staff training and onboarding, holistic recruitment, HR setup, (employee handbook, administrative manual, and job descriptions), remuneration, rewards, alongside a plethora of others services.

Businesses need structure as well as those who you have employed to work for you, in the present or those to come. Through the expertise of an HR consultant, processes for the day-to-day runnings of the customer service representative unit, for instance, can be thoroughly developed and documented for immediate and reference use. These are called Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and this tool helps to improve effectiveness, efficiency, and in some cases speed – they are a very useful tool. They also facilitate smooth transitions from the probation phase to full absorption into bonafide staff title, as it contains detailed and step-by-step systems for how roles should be panned out.

To put this in perspective, HR handles the nitty-gritty when it comes to the people capital in big and small business to ensure the best is gotten out of workers and invariably, the establishment. Workers who are dissatisfied in any aspect are a time-bomb waiting to happen – the presence of HR skills and expertise help to create a balanced atmosphere, mediate employee exits or recruit best-fits, and foster relationships between all levels. Sustaining a conducive environment for everyone who is part of a business from top to bottom should be a given as it presents an opportunity for any business to thrive. Ultimately, the pay-roll would reflect workers whose mindset features a sense of ownership towards the organization’s goals.

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