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Solar Energy Improves Quality Life — Study

A study funded by the United Kingdom (UK) says 97 per cent of Nigerians and other West Africans using small scale solar home systems have improved incomes, quality of life and better health in three months.

The report: “Powering Opportunity in West Africa”, was published by a global association for the off-grid solar energy industry, GOGLA.

It claims that those living with off-grid solar energy said it made them feel safer and provided them with the opportunity to work and study longer.

It also said one in seven households reported additional income of $31 per month on average after buying a solar home system.

The research, which was conducted by Altai Consulting, was based on data collected from 1,678 households in Nigeria, Ghana, Côte d’Ivoire and Togo 1 that bought a solar home system between February and April 2019.

Source: The Nation

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