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China Will Begin 14nm Production In 2020

ChangXin Memory (formerly Innotron Memory) says it will be China’s first DRAM company.

It is running 20,000 wafers 19nm (nanometer) per month at its Hefei plant and says it will double that in Q2 making LPDDR4, DDR4 8Gbit DRAM.

It is anxious to avoid the fate of Fujian Jun Hua, another Chinese DRAM initiative, which was shut down when it ran into IP issues with Micron and was blacklisted by the US government.

It is suggested that ChangXin might be using IP owned by WiLAN a patent troll which bought a lot of Qimonda’s patents including IP covering stacked capacitor DRAM process technology. It may give some protection but it may not be much use – Qimonda went bust a decade ago when its best process was 45nm.

Yangtse Memory says it is in production on 64-layer NAND and will be producing 128-layer NAND in 2020 having skipped 96-layer. It says it will triple production to 60k wpm next year.

China chip initiatives have made many bold statements of progress in the past which have not worked out.

IC Insights, the Scottsdale analysts, remain very sceptical of Chinese claims about being able to produce leading edge memories in volume any time soon

Source: electronicsweekly

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