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Meet Nigerian Who Builds Water Powered Generator

Emeka Nelson is one of the bright young Nigerian innovators that stands as a glimmer of hope to the nations technological sphere. As the CEO of Orange Genelectric Limited, he builds an electricity generator that is powered by water. Also another of his innovation “MGBANWE C12”, is a machine that transforms non-biodegradable wastes made of plastics. into kerosene, diesel, petrol, heavy oils and construction products like interlocking stones etc.

Engineers Forum would like to know what inspired you to build the water-powered generator

My inspiration is the desire to make sure no one else loses life from gasoline generator fumes and the need to take care of power problems permanently.

So far how has your background influenced your career path?

My background has been one of the fuels driving me today. I wouldn’t want to become whom I was then, so memories of my background are making me work towards the betterment of the future.

How long did it take to carry out the project on the water-powered generator?

It’s has been over 20 years now.

Mgbanwe C12 is another of your innovation that is making waves in the media, what special features make up of this system?

It’s made from scratch but super-efficient. It can produce either petrol, kerosene, diesel and some other heavy oils and construction products like tiles, roofing sheets, pavement blocks etc

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How has your journey been so far as a thriving start-up techpreneur in Nigeria?

I would say it has been extremely challenging and discouraging

Establishing your venture to a full commercial scale is a tasking one. How do you intend to establish your enterprise for the Nigerian market?

Nigeria is no doubt a big market. Orange Genelectric Limited is already working towards that.

How have you been able to source funds for the projects?

 It’s was from a close friend and personal savings at first but we’re getting little donations from people that love what we do to support the research recently

Since you gained fame, have you been able to attract viable investors?

 Yea, a lot is coming forth but we’re still weighing our options

 What dreams do you have for your enterprise in the nearest future?

My dream is to become the no. 1 company when it comes to clean and renewable energy in Nigeria.

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