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FCCPC Advises Industry Operators On Consumer Right

The Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission says consumers have a right to sustainable environment, but the government, business operators and consumers must work together to achieve it.

The Director-General, FCCPC, Mr Babatunde Irukera, said this on Thursday in Lagos at a stakeholders’ engagement programme to mark this year’s World Consumer Rights Day with the theme ‘Attaining sustainable consumption in Nigeria’.

At the event which had in attendance producers of packaged food-drinks, water and container producing companies, Irukera stressed that there was a need to follow certain guidelines to safeguard the environment.

He said, “Sustainable consumption is a multi-stakeholder task. Government, business operators as well as consumers must join hands to positively change the narrative to one that will not only safeguard the environment, but also enhance the welfare of consumers.

“Consumers have a right to sustainable environment, and government, businesses and consumers play a vital role in ensuring the environment is sustained. Informed and assertive consumers can ensure their habits do not affect the rights of others to sustainable environment.

Irukera noted that conversation on sustainable environment was not new as it received attention in 1992 at the United Nations’ Conference on Environment and Development, where it was decided that non-commitment to sustainable consumption was a major cause of environmental degradation globally, and that this had led to poverty and environmental imbalances.

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He said in promoting the benefits derivable from sustainable consumption and protection of consumers in the country, the FCCPC reeled out relevant business guidance directives which included consumer education; encouraging consumers to recycle and purchase recycle products.

Irukera also stressed the need to promote development and use of international health standards, with respect to their patterns and create awareness of the benefits of green and economically sustainable consumption to preserve the environment.

He also said products should be adequately labelled with respect to specific sustainable claims; and advocated the deployment of appropriate technology to encourage environmentally- friendly products and services to avoid waste such as recyclable materials.

The meeting resolved that parties uphold commitment to a broad-based stakeholders’ engagement to further promote and develop those principles, business guidance and regulatory framework.

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