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Semcon And Power Cell Combine To Produce Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Semcon of Sweden is deepening its collaboration with fuel cell manufacturer PowerCell by developing a new robotic cell with the use of vision technology that will streamline the production of hydrogen fuel cells for vehicles.

The fuel cells use hydrogen to produce electricity and heat, with emissions of only water. Semcon has been engaged to develop and deploy an entirely new robotic cell for testing new fuel cell production technology with the aim of making the fuel cells more efficient.

“This new robotic cell will fully automate part of the production flow, which requires high precision. We will be using advanced vision technology to ensure that the assembly has the accuracy required and to assure the quality of the fuel cell after the assembly process”, says Thomas Lydhig, technical project manager at Semcon.

Semcon is part of a comprehensive project that embraces the entire production process for mass-producing fuel cells and which has developed the test concept for the new robotic cell. In the project, Semcon is responsible for bringing expertise in production development, robotics programming, machine design, and vision technology, among other things. The robotic cell will also have full traceability through QR codes and will be operational in December.

“PowerCell and Semcon have had a long-standing and well-functioning collaboration, which we are pleased to extend through a more comprehensive framework agreement”, says Per Wassén, CEO at PowerCell Sweden AB.

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Among other things, the agreement between Semcon and Poser Cell includes production development, product development, product information, and digitisation services.

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