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‘NoCopyCopy’, Plagiarism Checker Launched In Nigerian Higher Institutions

An App, NoCopyCopy, has been launched in Nigerian higher institutions to promote integrity of virtual knowledge experience in the global spread of the COVID-19.

The Chief Executive Officer of NoCopyCopy, Stephen Ojji, said in a statement that, “While these unprecedented times may have exposed the gaps in our education system, we believe technology will help to close them.”

He acknowledged the varied contributions by tech entrepreneurs, saying, “but we’ve always believed that our endeavour is one of social impact in maintaining the integrity of virtual educational experiences.”

He said with the increased supply of information as a product, it was important to safeguard the rights of authors and creators and ensure decorous exchange of information within this ecosystem, including creators, consumers, researchers and publishers.

He maintained that NoCopyCopy as a plagiarism checker, would help to provide proper referencing of intellectual work to students, lecturers, bloggers among others.

Source: allafrica

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