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Quantum Mechanics: Einstein And Bohr’s Dispute

Albert Einstein and Niels Bohr had a great friendship and a high admiration for each other but differed strongly over quantum mechanics which gave rise to their famous debates.

Another dispute was over which of them was the subject of this story told by the Swiss physicist Carl Alfred Meier:

”I should like to report here an experience I had during my last trip to this country, when I visited a world-famous scientist whom I had known from Europe,” said Meier, “he received me on the porch of his house which was adorned with a horse shoe. I tried to make a funny remark by saying, “but Professor, you don’t believe in that sort of thing, do you really?”; whereupon he answered quite naively, “of course not, but you know I have been told that it works even when you don’t believe in it.”

Meier never revealed the name of the scientist he visited but it is believed it was one of the two great men seen here in the 1920s.















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