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Optimise Virtual Meeting For Your Organisation With Gotowebinar

As the world came face to face with the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic, organisations scrambled to adopt remote work arrangements to allow their businesses to operate with some semblance of normalcy.

Organisations have been quick to pivot, onboarding various remote-working tools and applications almost overnight.

As a result, remote working is slowly becoming a norm, as an increasing number of organisations are beginning to offer remote working options for staff for the long-haul.

LogMeIn, through its webinar tool, aims to empower people and businesses to not only embrace changes but thrive in the modern workforce.

LogMeIn offers products and services that make it possible for millions of its customers around the world to stay connected, inspired, and carry out remove exchanges securely and productively regardless of how the workplace evolves.

LogMeIn’s GoToWebinar, a trusted leader in the virtual training, marketing, and communication space has helped millions of people around the world stay connected, secure, supported, and productive amidst lockdowns and travel restrictions.

The Big Book of Webinar Stats: LogMeIn, the makers of GoToWebinar Analysed 250,000 Webinars to Help You Make Yours Better

InsideSales conducted a survey on the effective methods for lead generation in which 73% of sales leaders and B2B marketers agreed that webinars are a great way to generate successful leads.

GoToWebinar also found the B2B professionals rank webinars among the top three content types that they find most engaging and most frequently consumed.

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Webinars have become a strong marketing must-have thanks to their proven ability year after year to boost businesses’ marketing, sales, training, and customer engagement efforts.

The challenge, though, is that webinars take a bit more time and effort to pull off than publishing a blog post or sending an email.

GoToWebinar analysed more than 250,000 webinars to uncover insights and best practices that can help you get the most bang for your webinar buck.

All of these takeaways have been packed into GoToWebinar’s new Big Book of Webinar Stats, to give businesses an insight to what works and what doesn’t in a webinar.

Here are some insights that can be found in the report:

57% of webinar registrations come from email

GoToWebinar has discovered that the most effective channel to promote your webinar is through email. In fact, webinar signups from emails beat the next most effective promotional channel, which is social media by an almost four-to-one margin.


Webinar attendees will give nearly an hour of their time

GoToWebinar found that the average audience viewing time for a webinar is 57 minutes! This finding is particularly impressive given that the average professional will not spend as much time engaging with other types of marketing content.

The report adds that webinars are far more effective in keeping prospects and customers engaged, even when compared to captivating blog or social media posts that hold can only hold an audiences’ attention for several minutes.

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More than half of signups happen during the week of the event

The report found that 59% of attendees register in the week leading up to the event, and 17% of those register on the day of the webinar.

This valuable finding indicates that it is important to schedule reminders and blast “last chance” promotional messages to prospects right up until game day.

GoToWebinar review and analysis of a quarter-million webinars will provide you with a multitude of interesting webinar strategies. When you read GoToWebinar’s free book, you will also find out:

  • What are the best days of the week to promote your webinar?
  • What is the best time of day to send your webinar promotions and why?
  • What days should you schedule your webinar to attract the most registrants and attendees?
  • What is the most popular webinar length?
  • What are the best strategies to increase audience engagement during your webinar?

Download GoToWebinar’s new Big Book of Webinar Stats to learn how your organisation can leverage GoToWebinar to meet your organisation’s internal communication, training, and marketing needs.

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