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Netflix Usurps Google As The Employer Of Engineers’ Dreams

When I talk to computer science and engineering students regarding their thoughts about future employers, Google generally seems to be at the top of their lists. And Google has topped Hired’s survey of dream employers to work for since its inception in 2017.

Until now. In Hired’s just-released “Employer Brand Health Report,” Google slipped to number three in the rankings, with Netflix and GitHub in the number one and two spots, respectively. To create this list, Hired surveyed 4100 tech professionals, asking them to indicate their level of interest in working for companies in their regions, and created a “brand positivity index” by combining the  “love” and “like” ratings adjusted to reflect the location of company offices. The Hired report breaks out rankings for public and private companies, with SpaceX at the top of the latter list; I’ve combined them in the charts below.

No reason for Google to panic just yet, however. Engineers in the San Francisco Bay Area, home to the vast majority of the top-ranked companies, still love Google the best. Their top 10 (from number one): Google, Netflix, Slack, LinkedIn, Apple, Square, Dropbox, Facebook, Nvidia, and Airbnb.

What do engineers consider most important when they think about where they might love to work? While salary is the driving force overall, there are regional differences. In Silicon Valley, it’s the opportunity to learn new skills, according to the Hired survey; in Boston, it’s company culture.

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In a nod to the current reality, Hired also used this survey to measure the tolerance of tech professionals for video calls, or what one might consider the point at which “Zoom fatigue” takes over. The largest cohort—31 percent—drew the line at two hours of video calls a day, while 26 percent indicated that three hours was doable, and a shocking (to me) nine percent were willing to videoconference more than six hours a day.

Companies Most Loved by Tech Professionals

Rank 2020 Company Location Positivity Index* 2020 Rank 2019 Positivity Index* 2019
1 Netflix SF Bay Area 86 2 82
2 GitHub SF Bay Area 85 8 70
3 Google SF Bay Area 84 1 87
4 Slack SF Bay Area 81 7 72
5 Microsoft Seattle Area 78 6 75
6 Apple SF Bay  Area 77 3 77
7 SpaceX Los Angeles Area 75 8 70
8 Tesla SF Bay Area 74 12 67
9 Twitter SF Bay Area 73 16 60
10 Gitlab SF Bay Area 72 NA NA
10 LinkedIn SF Bay Area 72 4 76
12 Dropbox SF Bay Area 69 11 68
12 Airbnb SF Bay Area 69 4 76
14 Stripe SF Bay Area 66 18 48
14 Square New York City 66 19 47
16 Amazon Seattle 64 8 70
16 Hulu Los Angeles Area 64 13 66
18 Shopify Canada 63 NA NA
19 Adobe SF Bay Area 62 14 65
19 Reddit SF Bay Area 62 17 59
21 Facebook SF Bay Area 60 15 63
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