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Design And Constuction Of A Solar-Powered Lawn Mower (Ref.CS0073)


Lawnmowers are often powered by fossil fuel or electrical means. Fossil fuel power mowers constitute air pollution in human environment. Electric lawnmowers are uneasy to deal with due to their power source. It is important to construct a lawnmower which will be power by solar power. A solar powered lawn-mower was designed, fabricated and tested at the Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Igboora. The cutting efficiency on Stubborn and Soft grass was found to be 81.0% and 89.5% respectively. This machine tends to proffer solution to environmental pollution caused by lawn mowers powered by Internal Combustion engines and also, it can be easily carried around to mower any form of grasses. This machine is found to be suitable for Nigerian environment where there is epileptic supply of electricity which may hinder effective mower of bushy environments and it was estimated to cost approximately Two hundred and Fifty Thousand Naira only.

 Keywords: Lawn, Electricity, Mower, Solar, Machine.

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Design And Constuction Of A Solar-Powered Lawn Mower

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