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4 Years After Unveiling, LG’s Rollable TV Is Officially On Sale

LG’s TV of the future is finally on sale — and it costs as much as a brand-new luxury sedan.

The Korean electronics giant made its cutting-edge “rollable” TV available for purchase, more than four years after unveiling its groundbreaking bendable screen.

The LG Signature OLED R, as it’s called, features a flexible 65-inch screen that can be tucked into a brushed-aluminum box whenever it’s not in use. LG said it’s selling the “exquisite creation” at seven electronics stores in South Korea.

Park Hyoung-sei, president of LG Home Entertainment Company, called the deluxe device “an unprecedented feat that genuinely deserves to be called a work of art.” But it comes with a price to match — 100 million Korean won, or $87,000.

LG first revealed its flexible screen technology in 2016 at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, then returned to the convention with a full TV prototype last year. The rectangular base that holds the screen — which can be engraved with the owner’s name or a message — doubles as a speaker system.

Seoul-based LG says the invention “liberates users from the limitations of the wall” by allowing them to “curate their living environment” without making room for a big, black screen that just takes up space when it’s not being watched.

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“This is a true luxury product that reimagines what television can be, this unique TV delivers a differentiated user experience and a new way of thinking about space while once again confirming LG’s leadership in the premium TV market,” Park said in a statement.

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