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ICEPT 2020: Infrared Motion Detection With Bluetooth Interface (Ref. CS0082)


Nowadays, people are getting more concerned to protect their residence from unauthorized people and as such, setting up an effective and reliable presence detection for residential and office usage has been a necessity. With technology advancement, movement can be sensed and a message sent quietly on a smart mobile phone to make the home occupant be aware of the motion for prompt action. This paper discusses the use of passive infrared (PIR) sensor and Bluetooth device to notify a house occupant of a guest coming into the house. This system employs a PIR sensor, a microcontroller, a Bluetooth module and Bluetooth controller application for Android smart phones. The sensor, when powered, senses any movement of human being within its field of view, measure the infrared light radiating from that body in terms of heat variation and sends it as a signal to the microcontroller. The microcontroller takes this signal, processes it and sends the information to the Bluetooth module which in turn transfers this information unto the smart mobile phone Bluetooth application to notify the house resident that a movement is detected. Tests conducted showed that the system worked effectively, more compact and affordable.

Keywords: PIR, Microcontroller, Bluetooth, Android mobile phone.

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Infrared Motion Detection With Bluetooth Interface

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