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Conversational AI Defined: Where Tech “Smarts” Meets Omnichannel Comms

One of the great promises of technology is the fully-cognisant virtual human, something (or someone) that can be our helper, assistant, protector, guide, and even friend. That dream may be a few years off, but today’s leading technologies show us that perhaps just such a future is not so far away.

For many years the pioneer of voice recognition, Nuance Communications, has led the way interpreting natural, conversational speech into digital text — as opposed to stilted, word-by-word dictation. Even in the 1990s, many millions of people used Nuance’s software to dictate text, even in fiercely complex areas rife with terminology, like medicine.

Today, the technology hasn’t stood still, and Nuance is still leading this field and changing the way we think about smart technologies. The next stage of this exciting area has evolved into what Nuance calls Conversational AI. Forget any notions you may have had about robotic voices that don’t understand simple sentences or take callers on wild goose chases of misinterpretation and misunderstanding! This is the next level, where the silicon “brains” behind the speech recognition follow conversational threads, either between themselves and humans or between all sides of human conversations.

Any company or organization that communicates regularly with its partners or customers can use smart systems that provide interactive, rich, data-driven responses that drive engagement. It’s the combination of intelligent speech recognition with omnichannel communications that gives end-users and organizations of any size the value of choice: to communicate via messaging platform, speech to smart ‘bot, human to human, or any combination that can be imagined.

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Conversational AI

These are areas explored in series two, episode 10 of the Tech Means Business podcast, where we talk to Robert Schwarz of Nuance Communications about how companies combine omnichannel communications platforms with Nuance’s speech recognition and conversation tech to create Conversational AI. With Conversational AI, companies can create automated and highly experiential interactions between organizations and humans, using smart AI to interpret calls and messages and creating exceptional customer experiences.

Conversational AI can cope with the tangents of human conversations and even proactively make suggestions and be a positive aid to communication at any level.

Imagine smart systems capable of accessing all the data silos across your organization, then having that information available to leverage in every interaction! With a wealth of data at the system’s (virtual) fingertips and omnichannel communications, customers will move seamlessly between messaging, email, and voice, with human operators well informed and aided by technology.

Whole interactions can be handled according to customer reference, switching between voice recognition systems that authenticate, to a human operator, to smart speech recognition systems that tracks and follows every nuance of the conversation!

Learn more about this next stage in the development of that not-so-far-off ideal of the virtual person, courtesy of Nuance Communications, and the Tech Means Business podcast.

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Alternatively, go direct to Nuance’s website where there is a wealth of further material to help you begin your journey into Conversational AI and the new era in customer engagement.

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