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7 Essential Tech Skills To Learn For The 2021 Workplace

Fes days into the end of 2020 with the COVID-19 pandemic still on its game, affecting lives and the workplace.

For the new normal, a lot of advancements in technology have occurred resulting in an entirely different skillset requirement from organizations seeking to run business processes that thrive.

The constant evolution in technology calls for continuous learning and skill advancement to avoid being left out in the densely populated job market for the few lucrative jobs available in the coming year.

COVID-19 or not, IT skills can never run out of demand by both individuals and organizations but only just a few Techies will land the juicy deals because they are able to handle more complex situations and bring the best expertise to the table So, whether you are thinking to switch career paths or it is a situation of better marketability in the technology industry, the following skills are a must-have to scale in your career or business as a Techie.

• Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: AI has begun an entire revolution in technology at a very fast pace with a machine learning set to keep the momentum going. AI involves the use of machine learning to solve real-time problems with the assistance of the techies with the required skills.

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• Cloud Engineering: Cloud engineers create solutions using both in-house technology and outside systems to design, plan, manage, maintain, and support cloud computing. Big data and remote work have called for a heavy reliance on cloud computing by many organizations, hence the need for this skill.

• Data Science & Analytics: It involves the mining and processing of Big data and the ability to realize actionable insights that can be applied immediately is at the core of this skill and can also be acquired without any prior IT knowledge.

• Network and Information Security (Cybersecurity): Security is a must-have in every facet of life and organization and the same applies in technology. The value and volume of information exchanged between individuals and organizations will continue to call for adequate cybersecurity.

• Development (web, mobile, software): The continuous improvements in mobile devices and software upgrades makes Developers and Programmers continue to be in high demand into 2021 and beyond.

• Augmented Reality (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR): From lockdowns to travel bans, the Covid-19 pandemic has opened a whole new demand for techies skilled in AR and VR. They may be few in supply now but the demand from organizations for this skill will remain on the rise into 2021.

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• Blockchain: For those in the IT industry, a thorough understanding of how Blockchain works, and what the key development skills are, can set you on a new career development path in 2021.

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