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Employee Management System | Benefits And Types

An employee management system is a distributed system developed to maintain the employee details and the company workflow process systematically.

EMS helps to eliminate the manual process and saves a lot of time and money. This system maintains the professional and personal details of the employees and the company in a safe manner. The employee management system lowers the burden and the pressure on HRs and the business managers. Thanks to the technology which offers us a plethora of solutions which makes the work easier and faster.

Some benefits of having an EMS in your organization are –

  • Efficiency And Better Accuracy
  • Fewer Compliance Risks
  • Boosted Profitability
  • Very Few Manual Errors
  • Higher Productivity
  • Higher Motivation
  • Lower Costs

Implementing an EMS framework for workers is equivalent to pushing mountains for a company and that is really important when it comes to handling a remote workforce.


An employee management system is designed to manage the business duties departmental wise, and streamlining the HR.

Employee engagement systems are structured to accurately monitor, assess, and control the working hours of workers and to efficiently utilize the human resources. Also, it helps in ensuring the payrolls are done on a timely basis.

As a business, your employees are your true asset. Managing them is no doubt a challenging task, especially when the number of employees increases, it’s even harder to control the entire workforce. Here is why you need a management system which keeps all the process on track.


Picture a situation in which any piece of critical data related to the most valuable assets, i.e. workers, is available through a centralized database on a single dashboard and is usable 24 x 7 at lightning speed. This is basically what a successful employee management system provides — a centralized hub for all your vital payroll data and HR.


Improved Workforce Management

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If you operate a startup of under a dozen workers or are in control of a thousand-strong global multinational corporation, relying on manual systems to track and handle the staff will turn rapidly into an administrative nightmare. Also, if you opt to track the information and data manually, there are high chances of human errors as well as to some compliance risks.

So, to avoid this happening, you need a system that can keep track of your work and smoothens the process.

Ensure Compliance

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Employers have other legal and regulatory responsibilities concerning details about management and employees. For example, Depending on the sector you are working, you can be prompted to create a particular record at short notice during a regulatory audit. You could face a huge penalty if you fail in this.

Nonetheless, enforcement may be a minefield where companies are continually attempting to comply with new laws that apply to their industry. Employee management systems make it simple and easier for the businesses to document, capture, report, and document worker’s information whenever needed. In only a few clicks you can produce full W-4s, I-9s, and other tax and compliance documents. Some employee management systems also have a feature that warns you, alerts you by sending a notification before when a particular record needs to be updated.

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Employee Engagement

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Management systems for workers also offer ways that improve workplace motivation and potentially affect productivity. Resources such as performance management offer a new means of monitoring and evaluating the progress of workers. You should collaborate with staff to establish targets, make them feel important, and build a roadmap to their progress and success.

Having such a system helps employees to feel confident and helps in developing cordial relations with the company. Remember, Motivated employees = Engaged employees.

Keeps Your Employee Information Safe

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You know these days the main target of brutal hackers is the HR Databases. As we all are aware of the fact that companies do hold confidential information about their employees. Bank accounts, driving license numbers, spouse details, social security passwords, phone numbers, remuneration numbers, and a lot more. What if all these highly sensitive data goes in the wrong hands? Having a secure HR system will save you and your employees from any sort of malware, threats, and hackers. It will provide you with two-factor authentication, security measures, and data encryption features to protect your employees and yourself from any kind of insider threats, and hackers.


Employee management tools may be divided into various categories, depending on the particular field of the market within which they are configured and designed.

Employee management systems can save the management and HR staff from time-consuming administrative tasks so they can concentrate on the innovation which is needed to drive the business to the next level.


 As a company owner, you might be thinking of how to manage employees and track their time and productivity levels? To help you in this, you can use an excellent time tracking and productivity measure software. The main motive of this software is to track your employees productive and non-productive hours, know who is working on which project, who is wasting time, and the essential factors which are affecting the productivity.


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EmpMonitor is the premium time tracking and workforce productivity measurement tool that helps you real-time monitor your employees. It is an excellent free employee management software that gives you deets about the employees who are working, and who is wasting time. With EmpMonitor, feel free to ditch the paperwork, as it is 100% automatic. Engulfed with rich features, this employee management software will help you manage your employee’s activities in real-time.

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With EmpMonitor, you get

Proper time tracking from the web, mobile apps, desktop that duly records every single activity done by your employees. You can also have automated screenshots of your employee’s screen within set time intervals.

At one glance get to know the productive and non-productive hours on the current date from the time of login and as per your wish, you can adjust the date & can see the total production of that time slot. Also, this software will help you gain insights about the top working day of your company, and you can see it department wise, location-wise, and date wise.

Browse tracking history, top apps used, websites surfed, and eliminate the idle time — You can even check the browsing history of your employees and the top apps and websites they surfed during the whole day. This will help you to eradicate the wasted time which will enhance your company’s productivity.

Get In-Depth reports in the form of intuitive charts and graphs which will give you a clear picture of how your team has performed this month/week/year.



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Freshteam is the ideal HR app for enterprise development. You can recruit, train, and embark on recruits with Freshteam, off-board current staff, handle employee details and time off-all in one location.

This software helps the HR to onboard new hires on a prior basis — whether its getting documents signed, getting forms filled, in just a few clicks, you can do all of it using FreshTeam.

The HR program often takes complete control of staff time off, workplace self-service and manager self-service for workers to boost demands, management acceptance workflows, team time-off reports and the whole company that provide immediate visibility into potential vacations, absenteeism patterns and more.



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15Five knows the important advantages of employee reviews, and this is precisely why it leverages this to produce the best team results. This excellent software offers a painless way for the staff to perform weekly check-in, show their priorities, and arrange one-on-one meetings easily.

15Five reduces the burden of the company managers in coping with employee or department problems by streamlining the entire operation. The staff should concentrate on their jobs without stressing that they won’t contribute to the project.


Indeed, selecting the best, robust, and well-chosen employee management system proves to be a valuable asset for your business. Not only it benefits the management and the organization, but it is also a boon for the employees. Sometimes, due to inadequate labor force selection methods, an organization struggles to maximize its human resources to the utmost. This is the main reason why EMS is the great comrade to tackle all the workplace engagement pressure points.

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