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Telecom Workers Threaten To Shutdown Network Services Nationwide

Private Telecommunications and Communications Senior Staff Association of Nigeria (PTECSSAN) has threatened to shut down network services nationwide over alleged anti-labour practices by Huawei Technologies Company Limited.

At a press conference, yesterday, the union alleged that Huawei has continued to undermine Nigeria’s economy through its industrial relations practices designed to emasculate workers, make nonsense of the local content policy of the Federal Government and ultimately exploit the nation without appropriate investment in human capacity development and internalisation of technologies.

General Secretary of PTECSSAN, Okonu Abdullahi, implored business partners, individuals and corporate organisations, especially telecom operators, that rely on services rendered by Huawei to either impress it on the company to yield to the union’s demands or source for alternative, threatening that the proposed industrial action would negatively affect their businesses.

The union listed precarious work environment in the technology firm, and non-confirmation of appointment of workers who have worked for years as some of its grievances against Huawei.

Abdullahi also alleged poor and discriminatory remuneration; abuse of expatriate quota; intimidation, harassment and verbal assaults of employees; breach of freedom of association and right of workers to organize; the firm going against International Labour Organisation (ILO) Convention on leave days and allowance; field engineers being subjected to 24-hours work without rest and disregard for occupational health and safety of employees.

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The union, which claimed to have written to the Ministry of Labour and Employment severally without response, said its proposed action would be all-inclusive.

Calls and text messages placed by The Guardian to the Deputy Managing Director of Huawei Technologies, Osita Iweze, and Deputy Human Resource Manager, Dorothy Johnson, for reaction to the allegations were not responded to.

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