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Expert Advocates Digital Substations Model For Power Distribution

Worried by the dilapidated state of substations nationwide, an expert has urged stakeholders to adopt the digital substation model to boost power distribution in the country.

On the tour of some substations in the country, Chief Executive Officer of Momas Systems Nigeria Limited, Kola Balogun, said continuous dependence on fuse-driven substations in the 21st Century was worrisome.

He said the objective of the visit was to provide a technical appraiser and alternative to the substations to enable them to provide an uninterrupted power supply.

He added that if the digital option is embraced, the substations would also reduce technical losses and give revenue assurance to the distribution companies (Discos).

Balogun explained that what presently obtains in the substations negates the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) codes on functions and performance of the reactive compensation equipment at different voltage levels.

“Under the NERC distribution code, in addition to catering for active power demand, reactive components of power equipment should be studied and adequate measures are taken by installing reactive compensation equipment at different voltage levels in a phased manner to improve power factor and cause reduction of losses,” he said.

Balogun noted that apart from the basic functionality of the reactive compensation equipment, DISCOs must take power improvement measures at strategic points in the distribution system by carrying out system studies and installing the required reactive compensation equipment.

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The Momas boss said the company distribution intervention enhancement concept is an ideal that gives room for an alternative power supply to be injected into a public distribution transformer with metering to measure the consumption in both disco and the alternative power source independently.

According to him, the concept is also an advanced power solution and with the enhancement power panel replacing the generally known fused feeder pillar, up riser cable to 415 overhead line reconnection, 415 cable joint reduction as well as surveillance infusion and beautification of the substation. This, he said, will better improve the network of a distribution system.

He further stated that the infusion of surveillance into the project would further showcase responsibility by monitoring and capturing activities within the substation.

“This will provide security not only for the substation but also to the immediate communities and the data from the surveillance can be used to ascertain any case of theft or criminality.”

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