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OnePay Turns Mobile Phones To PoS Terminal

Sterling Bank Plc has launched ‘OnePay for Business’, a mobile app that empowers merchants to use their mobile phones as the point-of-sales platform.

The app enables merchants and their customers to receive and make card-less, contactless and cashless payments for goods and services in a near-cash form, using QR code, Bluetooth and PaywithSpecta.

Introducing OnePay for Business in Lagos, Group Head, Digital Banking at Sterling Bank, Dipo Alabede, said the innovation meets the need for a hygienic payment method in a COVID-19 world.
“The contactless payment feature on the app is essential for merchants and customers because it keeps both safe as the world combats the coronavirus pandemic. It is also an effortless way to make payments,” he said.

After setting up, customers could log in to use payment options that include QR code, nearby payment (Bluetooth) and PaywithSpecta.

Alabede explained that customers could make payments using the app’s QR feature if it is enabled as a part of their mobile banking offerings.

“To pay merchants, customers have to open their OneBank app or any other bank mobile app to select the QR service option, validate and complete the transaction.”

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Source: Guardian

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