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NESTEC 2021 Paper: Covid-19 Transmission Prevention Using Artificial Intelligence Door


People are still dying every day, of covid-19. As of April 1, 2021, approximately 3 million deaths had been traced to COVID-19 globally, with over 2,000 deaths from Nigeria. These deaths are increasing, every hour, as a result of a continuous transmission of the virus among people, and also due to the violations of the covid-19 preventive measures, recommended by the World Health Organisation. However, to save humanity from this novel virus and also to prevent transmission of other future viruses, hence led to the purpose of this paper. This paper introduces an artificial intelligence door as a solution to covid-19 transmission in public buildings. It establishes how 3D sensor, facemask detection camera, infrared thermometer, and sanitizer dispenser will prevent human crowd, reduce violation of facemask rules, identify covid-19 suspects, and ensure hand sanitization respectively, when integrated in a door. The priority of this design is to save mankind.

Keywords: AI, COVID-19, crowd, design, door, facemask, sanitizer, thermometer

Author: Okuzu, Daniel I.

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NESTEC 2021 Covid-19 Transmission Prevention Using Artificial Intelligence Door

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2 thoughts on “NESTEC 2021 Paper: Covid-19 Transmission Prevention Using Artificial Intelligence Door

  1. Great article.
    Recently, it appears as though covid-19 has died a natural death especially in Nigeria. Many people did not get access to the vaccines but since around February, it seemed as if the virus just mysteriously healed itself. The NCDC numbers decreased drastically and life just went on as normal. Most people dont appear very careful and afraid of the virus anymore, will such a technology as yours really fit in in the current Nigerian landscape?


    1. Yes you’re right but about 2117 Nigerians died of covid-19 or maybe more. These continuous deaths are supported by our negligence on disease control, which this door helps to correct.
      Have you thought of covid-21? Do you think Nigeria will be affected if we had positioned plans on SARS virus prevention before covid-19 came? Definitely No
      This door not only address Nigeria’s current issues on disease transmission but also gets us ready for tomorrow’s diseases.
      Thank you very much, Solomon, for this question and I hope your question are well answered. I will be glad if you have any other question.
      Presse keep wearing your mask!



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