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Kinetic Footfall: Energy Generation

With the electronic devices becoming integral part of day-to-day life, both in personal and industrial environments, the demand for energy is tremendously increasing across the globe. In the effort to find alternative sources to supplement the conventional energy sources, the energy industry has found the feasibility in fossil fuels, nuclear, thermal, hydro, solar etc.

Human body generates a lot of energy while doing the most-common activity walking. Every foot fall causes pressure when the foot hits the floor, which goes untapped. With the ground surface engineered to harvest the energy, power can be generated from the human footfalls, stored and used as a power
source or even fed to the power grid. For instance, a person dancing on an energy harvesting floor can generate 5–10 watts; in a packed dance club, the production can meet up to 60% of the total energy required for the club.

With this method energy harvesting proving its feasibility, developers of energy harvesting floors concentrating their efforts find the most-efficient way of harvesting energy from footfalls. As a result, several inventions are in the prototype stage. However, some industry players, with the aim to popularize
and establish this technology among varied consumer segment, have already initiated marketing of their products, which has been well received by environmental activists. Based on the mechanism used for converting the kinetic energy into electrical energy, footfall energy harvesting floors can be broadly classified into the following categories:

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