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Oja, A Nigerian-Founded Grocery Delivery Service Secured $3.4 Million In Funding

LocalGlobe led the $3.4 million pre-seed funding round for Oja, a Nigerian-founded ethnic grocery delivery service.

Acequia Capital, Tiny VC, and HoaQ Fund, a black angel group, also participated, as did investors from Sainsbury’s, Taster, Booking.com, Deliveroo, Trouva, and King.com.

Oja, a Yoruba word for market, was founded in 2020 and sends orders from its own warehouses and dark stores to customers in London.

It is now focused on Afro-Caribbean cultures, with intentions to expand to include more cultures and groups across the country in the coming year.

“It’s a way for family and friends to interact over shared meals, recipes that have been passed down through the centuries, and there are stories behind the food.” The company added, “Each one represents a hallmark of our identity.”

“We’re not just creating another grocery delivery service. We’re creating an online community for cultural communities, allowing people to connect with their roots and feel a feeling of belonging. The company went on to say, “Wherever and whatever feels like home to them.”

“As we add more nationalities to the collection, the app will allow you to purchase by culture.” We currently categorize things into cultures within one cultural group: African and Caribbean. We will try to extend the various ethnic produce we sell in the future as part of our expansion goals.” Oja’s CEO, Mariam Jimoh, stated.

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According to Oja, they plan to make use of the latest funds in the near future to expand their ethnic product offerings and reach more parts of the UK.

Source: techgistafrica

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