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PayedIn Launches E-Payment Platform In Nigeria

PayedIn Technology, a fintech company, has launched a simple-to-use payment solution in Nigeria to support the digital economy.

As part of its entry strategy, PayedIn has partnered with McHenrich Technologies to reach merchants. It will combine its no-code payment technology with Mchenrich’s marketing expertise to deliver hassle-free payment services to merchants.

Merchants can sign up and receive their payment within minutes. This solution promises to revolutionise merchant payment and accelerate the country’s towards a cashless reality.

What this means is that only the top organisations, businesses and entrepreneurs with the requisite skills, capabilities and resources enjoy cashless payments. PayedIn team said this is the gap they want to bridge.

“We have developed a payment platform that is easy-to-use and secure without the need for hardware, intermediaries or systems integration.

To get started, recipients only need to go through a simple sign-up process,” said Co-founder and CEO, PayedIn, Debo Shopade.

Another Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, Aditya Padhi, said: “PayedIn is secure by design with state-of-the-art security features including email and phone number verification, two-factor authentication and biometric security to keep transactions secure.”

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“We are confident that the synergy between our technology distribution expertise and network combined with PayedIn’s technology will result in the transformation of the merchants’ financial transaction ecosystem for good,” said Henry Igbo, Managing Director, McHenrich Technologies.

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