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5 Characteristics Of Good Apps

What Makes a Good App? 5 Characteristics of Mobile-Friendly Apps.

Today, we live in a highly dynamic, digitalized, fast-growing world where every individual is accessing various applications and social forums via their Android and Apple devices. Every tech geeks and socially active individual is glued to social platforms such as Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, and many other applications. According to the updated statistics of 2022, there are more than 1.85 million applications on Google Play and App Stores. Be it any category; mobile applications are accessible by millions of individuals across the globe. About 97% of the individuals living in the US and developed regions worldwide have access to smartphones and smart devices.

Talking about mobile applications, individuals prefer accessing the internet and syncing their location, data, and other features to feel a more rewarding experience. Mobile applications are more compact and user-centered in comparison to desktop applications and software. With the influx of digital media and integrated platforms, online applications are made compatible with smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, and other accessories. According to the survey of 2020, every 9 in 10 individuals have downloaded multiple games and entertainment applications on smartphones and tablets. Moreover, Android-based platforms provide pre-installed applications such as Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Not every individual enjoys accessing various applications and mobile-based digital platforms. Every individual has different preferences, according to their feasibility and style. Across the globe, game developers and UI/UX engineers focus on producing user-friendly, easy-to-access, and compatible platforms. With the growing demand for tech-based applications and engineered systems in our society, we search for digitally sound applications and platforms. With the integration of digital features, UI designers must streamline their approach towards producing user-friendly and appealing mobile applications.

Why are User-Friendly Applications Important?

Almost every individual goes through reviews and ratings of applications before downloading or accessing them via their smartphones or tablet devices. According to a recent market survey conducted by Google Play Store, it was concluded that users always search for user-friendly, user-centered, and customized applications across every application store and device. Moreover, every user prefers fast lighting applications with updated UI/UX design and user interface. Applications with updated user interfaces are accepted globally, catering to the demands and suggestions of the global community. Two decades back, mobile applications were confused with the term mobile games. But now, every platform has its customized mobile application. Be it educational and online learning portals or online sports betting applications, the mobile interface has simplified the lives of individuals. During the medieval times of the Covid-19 outbreak, individuals preferred staying back and exploring digital reality by accessing various mobile applications and supported platforms.

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The online sports betting industry focuses on producing user-friendly and lightning-fast applications. Every day, 60% of US people access various online betting apps to stay updated with ongoing sports events and ping scores of exciting matches. Various legalized and user-friendly sports betting are widely accessible in the US, offering multiple deals, exciting odds, rewards, etc. Many gamblers stayed glued to user-friendly online sports betting applications offering exemplary user interface and dynamics.

Sportsbooks are extremely user-centered and polished according to sports season and user preferences. Passionate sports geeks can find out more about the DraftKings sportsbook app in this review. This app offers an ideal user interface, customized themes, and mobile-friendly features. While betting on Draftkings sportsbook, you can stay updated with real-time game action, scoreline, and betting odds.

Sports betting isn’t something new for the residents of the US. Hundreds of sports events and tournaments are watched by millions of Americans all year round. NHL, Golf, Tennis, Durby, and American Football, are among the top sports on which Americans place bets and stay updated with games. Sports betting is legal for individuals over the age limit set by various states and their online betting policies.

5 Characteristics of Mobile-Friendly Apps

  • Appealing UI/UX User Interface
  • Lighting Fast Loading Speed and Display
  • Dedicated Online Support Services
  • User-Centered Features
  • Compatible with Multiple Devices

Appealing UI/UX User Interface

Every app developer prefers updating and modifying their application’s UI/UX interface to make applications look more appealing and digitally attractive. More than 98% of smartphone users make choices and recommendations depending upon applications interface and digital graphics. Producing a user-friendly UI/UX interface with simpler dashboards and an easy-to-understand online environment is imperative. Moreover, many mobile-friendly digital platforms stick to simpler yet user-friendly dashboards that make users feel comfortable and satisfied while browsing, playing, or streaming online.

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Lighting Fast Loading Speed and Display

Online users prefer accessing fast-loading websites and applications, be it any internet website or mobile application. Back-end engineers and developers try producing fast, easily accessible content dashboards, landing pages, and other tabs. No one likes staring at stuck screens and dull displays for more than 20 seconds. Its imperative to improve the speed and functioning of online platforms and mobile applications. Once the mobile application’s loading speeds are updated, more users prefer accessing it daily. However, heavy digital files require dedicated loading time to refresh internal memory and update graphics.

Dedicated Online Support Services

Only a handful of smartphone users are tech-savvy, who know about online platforms and their minute details. Users across the globe prefer platforms and mobile applications having prompt customer support and online assistance features. Customer support representatives guide online users and clients throughout their online activity. With automated and machine learning integration, digital mobile-based applications can set up chatbots and customer service representatives.

User-Centered Features

Every application and app developer tries to satisfy the needs of all online users. Individuals always prefer mobile applications offering user-centered content and features. However, it is imperative to ensure mobile applications offer user-centered themes, dashboards, and interfaces.

Compatible with Multiple Devices

Mobile-friendly applications are accessed by millions of individuals who try to connect their devices and sync their application data onto other intelligent devices and platforms. Developers must ensure that their developed mobile applications are compatible with global and regional devices, running on different operating systems and programs. Greater compatibility offers a much more rewarding and user-centered experience for online users.

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