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NGA Calls For Deregulation Of Gas Value Chain

The Nigerian Gas Association (NGA) has called for the deregulation of the gas value chain in the country to encourage more investments in the sector.

Speaking at a media programme, NGA President, Ed Ubong, called for a transition to a totally market-driven pricing structure, while calling on key stakeholders to proffer solution to the security issues that have impeded free flow of gas to end users.

“As an association, what we are looking for is a clear, time-bound transition, whereby we move to a totally market-driven pricing structure. However, we will continue to engage the government to understand their own worries and engage investors on the other hand to see where the middle ground is,” said Ubong, who is also the Managing Director of Shell Gas.

The NGA boss also called on the government and other critical stakeholders to look into the issue of additional unnecessary taxes that may exist in the supply chain that can be removed to enable gas to reach the people in rural areas and the streets at a lower price.
“We must see gas not as a source of wealth but as an enabler of national development. We need to look at the value chain and ask, are we still trying to generate revenue by taxing different areas of the value chain,” he said.
Source: Nation

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