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Airtel Raises Awareness On Recycling, E-Wastes Management

Airtel Nigeria has reaffirmed its commitment to sustainable environmental management and healthy disposal, recycling, and repurposing of electronic wastes.

Commenting on the company’s commemoration of the 2022 World Environment Day, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, Airtel Nigeria, Surendran Chemmenkotil, said: “The Airtel Nigeria’s ambition is to address and minimize the impact of its operations on the environment as this is critical for the world we live in. Airtel is committed to raising awareness about climate/environmental stewardship amongst employees and to work together as a team towards the delivery of its sustainability goals.”

Chemmenkotil added: “I have asked all my colleagues to bring to the office any electronic items from their homes that are old and no-longer of any use to them – so that Airtel can then prove its position as a technology company, that consistently explores sustainable ways of reusing, repurposing, recycling, and disposing of e-waste from our network and offices.

“We are committed to our overarching Airtel Africa Sustainability strategy, and we will continue to implement these plans relentlessly at the local level.”

In response to the CEO’s call, employees of the telco came to the office on Monday, 6th June with electronic wastes, which they deposited at designated areas across offices nationwide. The e-wastes will be collected by a credible e-wastes partner for the purpose of recycling, repurposing, and responsible disposal.

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 As part of the awareness programme, an awareness session was held at the company’s headquarters in Ikoyi, Lagos on Monday, 6th June, with employees in regional offices connecting virtually. During the session, employees were urged to contribute in their respective individual capacities to the advancement of sustainable environmental management, reduction of environmental footprint in respect of call to action on climate change initiatives and to reduce activities that have negative impact on Health and the Environment. 

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