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Why Nigeria Must Stop Gas Export –Okoro

Nigeria has been advised to halt export of gas to accelerate industrial development and accelerate penetration.
Although Nigeria’s gas reserves is over 206 trillion standard cubic feet, gas penetration for industrial and domestic use remained dismal amidst energy transition.

Managing Director, Neconde Energy Limited, Monday Okoro, stated that the country must urgently focus on utilising the gas being produced locally to develop instead of exporting it overseas.

According to him, local usage of available gas will accelerate access to cleaner energy needed to power sustainable development.

Okoro, a former Vice President of Schlumberger, said: “shipping gas to Europe is not a success, as we should use it at home to reduce carbon emission in the country and prioritise our economic development.’

‘’Gas can be used to generate power, so people can stop using diesel generators that have higher carbon emissions. If we channel our energy towards the development of the economy, it will also lead to more job opportunities for a sustainable economy,” he asserted.

Speaking on the sidelines of the 45th Nigeria yearly International Conference and Exhibition (NAICE) said there must be clean energy for all, irrespective of location.

Until this is achieved, Okoro noted that the current push for clean energy to fight against climate change would remain impaired.

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He said both authorities and players in the energy sector should work on meeting the huge energy demands of the citizenry to ensure sustainable development.

To him, the sustainable development of the country by bridging the existing energy gap, and using the available resources should be the focus of the Government and players in the sector.

Okoro said cleaner fossil fuel should be allowed to develop the African continent, like was used to develop Europe, instead of the clamour for its abandonment.

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