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MOJEC, EKEDC Partner To Close Metering Gap With Mobile Map

A cross section of Nigerian power consumers plagued with estimated billing menace have lauded the efforts of the MOJEC Meter Asset Management Company (M3AC) as it ramped up efforts to reduce the country’s metering gap with the extension of the Mobile Meter Access Provider (MAP) programme to the Ibeju Lekki axis in partnership with the Eko Electricity Distribution Company (EKEDC).
They expressed this view at the MOJEC/Eko Electricity Distribution Company (EKEDC) Mobile MAP activation in Bashorun Town, Ibeju Lekki, where they noted that the meters being delivered to their doorsteps have empowered them to be in complete control of their energy usage.
In a clear indication of their warm embrace of the initiative, the residents trooped out in their numbers, as early as 8am, at the EKEDC’s Ibeju Lekki office, where officials of MOJEC and EKEDC were on hand to guide them through the process of getting metered in 72 hours.
Project Manager, MOJEC International Limited, Lekan Bashiru, indicated that extending the Mobile MAP activation to Ibeju-Lekki was a result of the company’s determination to address the country’s metering gap, which was quickly becoming a bane of both the DisCos and their customers.
The novelty of prepaid meters is that they assist users in managing and conserving energy. According to him, if more consumers are metered, it has the ability to quell estimated billings, which is in line with the metering agenda of the Nigeria Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC), which authorized the MAP programme.
In his words, “I want to appeal to everyone in this community to key into this initiative to get their meters. Under this Mobile MAP, we want to deploy over 5,000 meters for consumers. Once we receive your application from EKEDC, we will send it to our installers, who will validate your payment. Following confirmation, they would proceed to your home to inspect your connections, and if it is confirmed okay, we would send you an invoice and proceed to install your meter in less than 72 hours.“
He further stated, “Let me also add that meter installation is free. You are not supposed to pay any of the installers as you have paid for everything online. Their job is to come and install it for you. If you have any complaint, it will be resolved in less than 24 hours”, he added.
The Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of EKEDC, Dr. Tinuade Sanda, pointed out that the activation was to reiterate to their customers that they hear them and understand that they want to measure the energy they consume.
Dr. Sanda encouraged the customers to use the opportunity to get metered under the Mobile MAP to enable the control of energy usage, similar to the way they control their mobile communication data usage.  “MAP is an advance payment opportunity for customers to get metered. We are here to extend the Mobile MAP in our DisCo and want customers to use this opportunity to be metered”, she affirmed.
A customer, who simply identified himself as Mr. Adebayo, expressed delight at the activation. According to him, with the acquisition of a meter under the Mobile MAP scheme, he can be confident of paying for consumed electricity as against estimated usage.
Mr. Benson Iroko, another enthusiastic customer and civil servant, stated that he is well-versed with MOJEC meters, which he believes are of high quality and long-lasting. “This is not my first time using meters from MOJEC; they are one of Nigeria’s leading manufacturers of power meters. Their meters are good and last a long time if used properly. The meter will undoubtedly serve you well if you utilise it for the required load capacity. However, when you use a one-phased meter for a building that is supposed to carry a three-phased meter, there would be a problem”, he said.
In a similar vein, a customer named Mrs. Tayo Olasekan revealed that she had previously applied for meters without success, but her experience today was different. “I have applied for meters over the years and it has taken forever to receive them.” So I contacted customer service, and they informed me that if I came here today, I would be able to obtain my meter in less than two to three days. When I arrived, I was attended to instantly and was overjoyed. I asked myself if it was true that I could acquire my meter in less than three days. “I’m looking forward to getting my meters and being rid of excessive bills.”

Source: Tribune

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