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Kalabash Enters The Aviation Sector With Pay Small Small

Kalabash, a new entrant into the rapidly expanding BNPL fintech space, has unveiled Pay Small Small, a product that allows all passengers to enjoy great travel deals and prices by paying as little as 25% of the total cost as a down payment to lock in travel fares and splitting the rest into convenient installments. Kalabash’s Pay Small Small product aims to alleviate traveler burdens by allowing them to lock in more affordable ticket prices and pay the remainder installments.

Targeted at travelers and intending travelers, Pay Small Small is a flexible travel payment plan that allows customers to lock down great travel deals. Its installment options allow customers to plan their travel from 24 hours to 6 months in advance. Customers who book ahead of time can take advantage of lower fares. Checkout is simple, and no credit checks are required because all customers have access to the payment plan.

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