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Utiva Launches Tech-Empowerment For 10,000 Youths

Eyitayo Ogunmola, a 34-year-old tech entrepreneur and Chief Executive Officer, Utiva, has kick-started a project tagged, “EyiEko Project”, to empower 10,000 young Nigerians with access to tech skill acquisition.

According to Ogunmola, this was borne out of his mission to eradicate endemic poverty through technological empowerment.

“Each young person accesses skill training worth N250,000 annually for five years.”

Ogunmola also noted that he has instituted a community support project to empower 5000 women and girls in Lagos State, adding that a leadership capacity development project for young aspiring leaders would also suffice.

“This N100 million project is designed to help women and girls in the Ifako-Ijaye community and its environ to develop skills that either help them start a new entrepreneurial journey or help them earn good income.

He said: “We are also partnering with leadership centres in Europe to help build the capacity of 2000 young Lagos residents, and we believe that everything rises and falls on leadership. Hence, the mission is to work with experts that can put our young, aspiring leaders in programmes that will help to develop their capacity, and this, according to our budget, will cost about N50 million to achieve.”

He added that the “EyiEko Project” will also endow 5000 widows with 500 micro-financing support.

“Through our endowment funds and NGO support partnership, we are mobilizing 500 microfinancing support for 5000 widows in Lagos.

“This project will deliver small loans with zero interest rates to people and widows living in Lagos State, and this will also go along with our rural youths rehabilitation programme for 5000 young people struggling in rural areas.”

Source: Guardian


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