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Stakeholders Seek Implementation Team For Start-Up Act

Information technology stakeholders in Lagos have urged National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) to establish Start-up act implementation team that will ensure that it achieves its desired objectives.

Worried by similar legislation that have very good intent but could not achieve them, partly because the sectors they were targeted at were oblivion of their provisions or its existence, that IT stakeholders want an implementation team whose work will include creating awareness on the start-up act.

As well as engaging institutions of learning on how would be entrepreneurs from schools could catch into opportunities provided in the act.

Speaking in Lagos at information technology consultative forum for the development of regulatory guidelines on the start-up act, organized by National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA), Amos Emmanuel, managing director, Programos software, urged NITDA to create a digital registry where important sections of the start -up act will be uploaded for easy access by start -ups.

Mr. Emmanuel Udotong, chief executive officer, Isatong Systems and also Treasurer of ITAN, said that awareness and mentorship are needed to make the act successful, which could be provided by the implementation team.

In his speech on the essence of the engagement, Oladejo Olawumi, director, Standard Guidelines and Frameworks, NITDA, said: “We have come to meet with you to develop regulations, in order not to have regulations that will force down the throat of stakeholders.

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“We want to have what is called compliance and not enforcement this process means we have what is call inclusive that all of us are deciding it together and just NITDA or government.

“Another reason for this engagement is to review existing regulations, because things change fast in information technology. For instance, what happened during COVID is different from what is happening now. As a result, we need to have constant review of our regulations and organize this kind of forum as well.

“Today’s forum is for you to have your opinion about start-up act and we are here to discuss strategies of implementation. To know more about your own ideas on the best way to implement it.

“We are also here to ensure that our regulations are sustainable because we don’t want to have regulations sitting down there and are not being used by anyone. We want you to make use of these regulations”.

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