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IBEDC Pledges Improve Power Supply To Underserved Communities

Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company Plc (IBEDC) has said that it is working towards improving power supply to residents of underserved communities in Ibadan and its environment.

The Managing Director of IBEDC, Kingsley Achife, speaking at a press briefing, disclosed that IBEDC would inject about N14b into improving service delivery aside from other investments from the Federal Government.

Achife added that over 500 transformers are faulty within its franchise areas, assuring residents that about 300 faulty transformers would be replaced to relieve the suffering of existing customers who could not be served as a result of faulty transformers in their communities.
“Recently, people have been experiencing a lot of disruptions in supply around Ibadan, it is because transmission is retooling some of their lines; from Ayede, Jericho to Eleyele.”

And we have another one around Ibadan North. So, people around Jericho, Ibadan North to Akobo, would be experiencing disruptions until the Transmission Company finishes their work.
“There is also the aspect of the interface between us and them, which again requires lots of investment, where they need to expand and allow us to take more power because the equipment is old and obsolete. And they are constraining us to take lower than the amount of power that we should. This is affecting people in Ijebu Ode as well. We cannot begin to build until transmission fixes the faulty lines because that is the source of supply.”

Source: Guardian


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