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Top 5 Best Backlink Tracking Tools

Backlinks are hyperlinks from one website to another website, and from an SEO perspective, they are very detrimental to SERP rankings. They are vital for adequately mapping websites on the Internet by search engines. That is why it is necessary to track them; luckily, there are various tools to do this differently.


With this tool, you will see all resources pointing at any website, webpage, or subfolder. The paid report includes detailed information on how many users had been interested in going by this link to your website and what anchor was used to catch this attention. Ahrefs core tool is Site Explorer, where you insert any URL to find out the backlink profile. This research is essential to execute on your competitor’s websites, to analyze how they get organic and paid traffic. Unfortunately, the resource is paid, and you can’t subscribe only for backlinks tracking; it is part of the complete SEO analysis.

Ahrefs has a database of 475 million keywords and 1.9 trillion external backlinks. You will see in the report how the traffic grows or decreases with backlinks profile change in time. It is also available inside this report which page generates the most significant traffic. Finally, you can extract the list of catching target keywords for your niche. Based on their practice, you can do better without wasting time and money and only take the best experience.

This tool works not only with backlinks; it provides the complete set of actions to be high in SERP (search engine results page). Such platforms use tool as Facebook, eBay, Tripadvisor, Adobe, Pinterest, Expedia, and much more.

Moz Open Site Explorer

This backlink tool has a significant advantage as it provides numerous free SEO tools, including a backlink checker. The tool checks from over 40 trillion links. You can see all inbound links to your or competitor’s websites. You can also improve the links’ quality with this tool by finding and fixing broken links, searching, and eliminating lost and spam links. As with the previous tool, you will get in the report metrics of each link; based on that, you can analyze anchor texts for your links, the most popular and new links, and at the end, see what rank you have for specific keywords.

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For free, each user can process 10 link queries every month. To make the tool work, you must register with a valid email address and company name. With paid plans, you can do keyword research, track your rank in Google, perform technical and on-page SEO, and do link research. For all activities, you will get analytics and detailed reports.

The most trusted SEO tools are provided with a 30-day free trial period; depending on the necessary tool, you can choose the tariff plan. MOZ local plans start from $14 per month, but this tool does not include a link research tool. To closely monitor backlinks, you must purchase MOZ Pro starting from $99 per month.


This tool proposes the widest choice of tools for improving your backlink profile. It has access to more than 43.0 trillion backlinks today. For backlink analysis, Semrush has five tools. The backlink analytics checks all inbound links from domains, subdomains, URLs, and other resource categories. You can inspect domain authorities, location, and distribution. You can analyze your user-generating content and how domain authority influences your rank or the rank of your competitors. The backlink audit tool helps to delete toxic and unnecessary backlinks based on 28 provided backlink insights.

Separate tool Backlink Gap compares up to 5 domains for backlink opportunities. After its report, you receive the list of domains where you miss powerful backlinks. If you have many backlinks to analyze, you may use the Bulk Analysis Tool. Link Building Tool proposes the perfect prospect for backlink creation based on your targeted keywords, competitors, and similar websites for fresh websites and those willing to improve. Moreover, you can monitor the results in real-time.


This specialized tool for backlink tracking does not perform any other SEO tools, so the price is the most pleasant for beginners. In the free version, you can check 20 backlinks daily; for $9.9, you can already monitor 500 backlinks. Paid plans also have a free trial for your comfort. Like other listed tools, Linkcheck monitors the validity of your backlinks and if they can still be indexed, removed, or broken (dofollow and nofollow). You can check changes in your backlink profile and promote it almost in real time. The tool has an option to be linked with Google Search Console to import missing data.

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Linkcheck increases the promotion effectiveness in search engines. You can quickly check their status if you pay for the backlinks on third-party resources. The report automatically includes backlinks history; you do not need to perform any work manually.


The last source for backlinks promises to dominate your website by strengthening the Link Intelligence data. To reach this, you can check the quality and quantity of links to any required websites with this tool. You can analyze the best practice to find the desirable style of links relevant to your web page. In the report, you will see metrics showing positions to improve and positions different from normality. Majestic can find top backlinks at the competitor’s website and filter them by topic, language, or other relevant to your niche keywords.

The majestic tool is able to show the backlink location, where it is located -near the text, video, or image, in the footer or heading, surrounded by other links, or not. The tool has already crawled 4.101 trillion unique URLs starting from 2006. You do not need to install any special apps; all information is extracted into Excel, Google Sheets, or CSV and TSV files. With the available Keyword Generator, you will get new content ideas and target keywords for your backlink profile.


Backlink monitoring with software is significantly easy and more effective. Based on the list of top five backlink tracking tools, you can find the one for your needs. Depending on how deep your backlink analysis should be, including or excluding other SEO parameters, the service price starts from zero to $120 per month. Still, all tools provide excellent improvements to your backlink profile.

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