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TCN Re-Connects Kaduna, Kano DisCos, Gives 60-Day Grace Period

The three electrical distribution companies that were previously cut from the national grid for failing to follow market regulations will be reconnected back.

The Transmission Company Nigerian (TCN) made this known in a statement issued over the weekend by its Marketing Operator, Edmund Eje.

We reported earlier that the TCN unplugged Kano DisCo, Kaduna Electric, and APLE Electric, leaving customers in their franchise territories in complete darkness for days.

Following the intervention of the Minister of Power, Mr. Abubakar Aliyu, TCN Operator revealed that the DisCos would be reconnected by midnight on May 1st.

In light of the indirect effects on paying consumers, he said that the TCN had consented to resume electricity delivery to the DisCos.

But according to Eje, the disconnected defaulting market participants only have 60 days to fulfill their promises to the market operator.

“The intervention by the minister has automatically prolonged the grace period to 60 days from this publication.

“All market defaulters should comply with the provisions of the market rules with respect to payment of their outstanding invoices.

“Posting of adequate bank guarantees, and forwarding of their active Power Purchase Agreements as the case may be, to the market operator/TCN,” he said.

He said that additional defaulters who haven’t been disconnected yet had to take the appropriate action within 60 days.

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According to him, the TCN will resume sanctions in accordance with market regulations after the grace period expires.

“The MO/TCN is hereby urging the erring DisCos to seize this opportunity to fix their defaults as we applaud the intervention of the minister of power ” he added.

Source: newtelegraph


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