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The Need For Self-Exclusion Software

Social media addiction is a common disease, especially among the younger generation. The statistics are shocking: over 200 million people globally suffer from this disorder, and many don’t even notice it.

The appearance of the internet and different forms of online entertainment have significantly simplified people’s lives. However, innocent activities often hide plenty of unpleasant secrets. Internet addictions have become a significant challenge for modern people, which should be addressed. What are the most common problems users face, and are there any ways to cope with them?

Media Activities That Can Be Potentially Addictive

First things first, there is nothing wrong with browsing the internet, playing games, or streaming or watching streams. However, the problem is not in the activity itself, but in the amount of time a person dedicates to it, the absence of alternatives to this activity, and the degree of harm self-inflicted with it. There are, of course, some effective treatment methods for addictions – after all, we are living in a progressive age – but in the case of addiction, the best way is to not develop one, in the first place.  Here are some media activities often considered to be causing addictions.

Social Media

Have you noticed how much time you spend on social networks? We bet everyone spends a lot of time scrolling the Facebook news feed or updating Instagram dozens of times during the day. Such a desire to stay tuned and follow everything happening in the world sometimes leads to problems. Not many think that such behaviour can be in many aspects compared to playing in casinos not on GamStop. Social media addiction is a common disease, especially among the younger generation. The statistics are shocking: over 200 million people globally suffer from this disorder, and many don’t even notice it.


In 2023, users have round-the-clock access to everything happening in the world. Many prefer watching live-streaming of different events. At first glance, it’s a benefit, as everyone can enjoy their favourite matches, competitions, and other important things. On the other hand, this pastime can lead to compulsion, when a user cannot live without watching something. Therefore, the affected forget about the real world, spending all the time in front of the screen.

Virtual Reality is the latest trend, gaining popularity among users. Metaverses are quickly spreading globally – and many people use this option to run away from the real world. Sometimes interest grows into a compulsion, bringing multiple problems to a user. Escaping from reality through VR can become an addiction, which should be addressed as soon as possible. According to the research, VR is even more addictive than gaming – the trend shows 44% more affected users. Therefore, identifying the first signs and implementing appropriate therapy is essential.

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In line with gambling addiction, the above issues require timely treatment. And while gaming disorders are already well-known, and users pay special attention to them, others still need more publicity. Self-exclusion programs are one of the most efficient methods to cope with gambling addiction, so this method should be considered for treating other disorders.

The Need for Self-Exclusion Software: GamStop Example

GamStop is one of the widespread tools used in UK-based casinos. The software restricts access to betting and gambling websites, allowing compulsive players to take advantage of support groups and receive appropriate treatment. Of course, as pointed out in the article about non-GamStop casino sites, there are gaming resources not partnered with GamStop – this is mostly true for those of them registered outside the UK. However, such casinos often offer other self-exclusion programs like BetBlocker, NetNanny, GamBan, and many others. Some of the programs are already available for traders, as this activity can be as problematic as online gaming.

Benefits of Self-Exclusion Programs

Implementing self-exclusion programs brings numerous benefits and increases society’s overall well-being. The main advantages of using GamStop and similar tools are the following:

    • Limiting access to risky platforms for a particular period
    • Increasing awareness of possible negative consequences
    • Providing support and appropriate treatment for affected users
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A similar approach can be used for those suffering from social media, VR, and live streaming addiction. Limiting the time spent in one particular activity is the best way to solve the problem. However, not everyone is able to control themselves when having fun. In such an instance, implementing additional software restricting access to potentially dangerous entertainment. GamStop has already shown its efficiency in coping with iGaming problems, so the software and similar programs can also help treat other addictions.

Overall, the above pastimes have a similar characteristic: users try to escape reality by spending hours in metaverses, social media, and live streams The screen time skyrockets, and a person loses interest in everything. Have a look at gaming addiction symptoms that must alert you in yourself or your close people:

    • Constant thoughts about spending time online
    • Bad sleep and even insomnia
    • Impulsive actions and behavioural problems
    • Loss of social skills and lack of communication

Some self-exclusion programs already work like parental control, which limits access not only to gambling websites but also other platforms a user chooses. Therefore, installing such an application on the affected person’s devices can be a great solution. Even though it’s not so common in 2023, the addiction rates are growing, so people have to fight the problem until it’s not too late.


The Internet evolution brought numerous opportunities to modern people. At the same time, its usage raises many new problems that humanity has yet to overcome. Treating all kinds of compulsive behaviours, including VR, social media, and live-streaming addictions, requires complex measures. Limiting access to all potentially harmful platforms is the key point, and self-exclusion programs are helpful here, too – as in the recent case with BetStop launch. They’ve already shown efficiency in coping with compulsive gambling, so its implementation in other spheres is a practical solution.

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