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Oil Industry Expert Seeks Slow Switch To Renewable Energy

Victor Ekpenyong, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Kenyon International West Africa Company Limited, has urged the Federal Government of Nigeria to adopt a gradual transition to renewable energy sources because of the country’s negligible carbon emission.

The oil-well control expert noted that conversations around climate change and renewable energy were skewed against the African continent which contributes minimally to global warming.

A statement issued by the Communications Manager of Kenyon, Kingsley Muonyili, said that Ekpenyong made the advocacy during the roundtable discussion at the 12th Emmanuel Egbogah Legacy Lecture Series held at the Emerald Institute of Energy Studies, University of Port Harcourt, on September 14, 2023.

Ekpenyong called for a national interest approach towards addressing the critical intersection of climate change and the geopolitics of energy transition.

He said, “With a strong emphasis on Nigeria’s unique position in the global landscape, there is a need for a nuanced approach to sustainable development.

“We need to emphasise the importance of evaluating regional realities when addressing climate change issues, highlighting the importance of considering both carbon emission quotas and economic circumstances.”

He urged stakeholders in the oil industry to unite so that Nigeria can produce more oil and gas to generate revenue to aid the smooth transition to renewable energy sources.

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The Kenyon boss said Nigeria’s relatively minimal contribution to global carbon emissions should be capitalised on to harness the abundant oil and gas reserves to the fund energy transition.

He explained that a recent report on global carbon emissions released on September 3 indicated that Africa accounts for just four per cent of global carbon emissions.

“In stark contrast, major global players such as the United States, China, Russia, and Japan collectively contribute more than 50 per cent of these emissions.

“Nigeria is not among the top three contributors to carbon emissions on the African continent, trailing behind South Africa, Egypt, and Algeria”, he said.

Ekpenyong also advocated a strategic approach to managing Nigeria’s finite energy resources, stressing the need for resource management, increased production and resource utilisation.

He also highlighted the necessity of proactive measures to combat pipeline vandalism and oil theft in the oilfields which have long hindered the nation’s development.

The statement further said, “Kenyon International, as a company committed to sustainable energy solutions, is well-prepared to assist Nigeria in optimising its oil production through well remediation and intervention activities.

“Accounting for every drop of oil produced is not only vital for Nigeria’s economic prosperity but also essential for the nation’s sustainable development.

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“Kenyon International believes in the call for a comprehensive approach to climate change and energy transition, one that considers regional realities, promotes responsible resource management, and propels Nigeria towards a greener, more sustainable future.”

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