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How Tech Can Boost Productivity In Rural Areas – Experts

Technology experts have said that businesses in rural areas of Nigeria can increase their productivity in retail by leveraging technology.

The experts also said that this will align directly with the government’s agenda, which is to increase productivity in the whole country, to empower people to drive commerce.

They stated that with the federal government policies and all, the reality on the ground as of now is that there is impaired productivity in the country.

They also stated that it was smarter to sell wholesale, as that would enable their products to get enough visibility.

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Speaking during the unveiling of an online shopping store Splitmulti by a firm, Sage-Grey Technologies, the chairman of Sage-Grey Technologies Ltd, Mr Temitope Runsewe, stated that rural dwellers meets peoples need but don’t get enough visibility.

Runsewe stated that Splitmulti which commenced operations on Sunday, October 1, 2023, is expected to cater to both whole and retail buyers.

According to him, the products that we have introduced to the market would align directly with the government’s agenda, which is to increase productivity in the whole country, to empower people to drive commerce.

Runsewe said, “Adzplug is a digital street-level platform, advertising platform. So essentially you notice that there are all these adverts everywhere in the world. They are mostly on the main street. The only thing you have on the street level is always posters. You never see any adverts on the surrounding streets.”

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Also speaking at the event, the non-executive director of sage-Grey Technologies Ltd, Mr Adejumo Atiba, stated that the tech landscape in Nigeria has witnessed phenomenal growth.

Atiba said all in an era of boundless possibilities, tech startups across various sectors, ranging from fintech, e-commerce, agritech, and medical tech, have not only enhanced efficiency and convenience, but also have created employment opportunities and fueled economic achievements and advancement.

According to him, to buttress this, in 2022, the Nigerian tech startups collectively secured an astonishing US$1.2 billion in funding, reflecting the immense confidence and investments flowing into our tech-driven future.

“More recently, in the second quarter of 2023, the momentum has continued to surge. Nigerian startups have raked in a staggering US$462 million in funding.

“This reaffirms our position as a formidable player on the global tech stage. Out of the several U.K. firms in Africa, a sizable four of them proudly call Nigeria their home, which is a testament to the ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit that define our nation.

“These facts and figures also translate into a corresponding impact on our gross domestic product, GDP. The information and communication technology sector contributed an impressive 19.54% to Nigeria’s real GDP in the second quarter of 2023, as reported by the Nigerian Bureau of Statistics,” he said.

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Atiba further stated that Sage Greg’s Technology offers financial advisory, financial services, and tech solutions to startups and tech-enabled ventures.

“As a company, we have embraced challenges, honed our skills in ideation and software development, and brought the solutions to drive efficiency.

“Cost-effectiveness and measurable business initiatives are products that empower businesses, enabling them to operate seamlessly, optimize costs, and make informed, data-driven decisions in today’s ever-evolving market.

“They bring scalability, adaptability, and the necessary tools for growth. Moreover, our initiatives actively contribute to job creation, thus fostering economic growth. The journey of state-made technology is a testament to the determination and expertise of our team.

“By embracing challenges in heaven and focusing on ideation, software development, and other abilities, we have created solutions that enhance efficiency, cut costs, and support data-driven decision-making for businesses.

“These solutions not only empower businesses to operate seamlessly but also play a pivotal role in job creation and fostering economic growth,” he said.

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