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Progress In Tech Diversity As Businesses Set Targets

New research is suggesting that businesses are making significant strides in tackling the lack of diversity historically seen within the tech workforce.

More than half (52%) of these entities have set diversity targets, up from 46% last year, according to data from the Diversity in Tech 2023 report by training provider Wiley Edge.

The report, which surveyed 300 senior IT leaders within medium to large enterprises, found that many tech businesses are focusing on improving their previously poor diversity reputations. A significant 96% of businesses implementing diversity strategies reported a positive impact on the makeup of their workforce.

These strategies vary but have all shown a significant increase in their uptake compared to last year. The report found that 43% of businesses were providing anti-bias training for recruiters, while 31% were employing blind CV reviews, up from 41% and 25%, respectively, the previous year. However, the proportion of businesses producing neutral job descriptions remained the same as last year (44%), and only 25% prioritised diverse shortlists, down from 37% last year.

By 2025, Gen Z are expected to make up 27% of the workforce. They’re also the largest and most ethnically diverse generation in history.

This new generation presents a huge opportunity for employers to diversify technology teams. By understanding, attracting and retaining Gen Z, organizations can tap into a whole new source of high-potential talent.

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The report’s results resonate with the actual workforce too, with just 6% of Gen Z tech workers feeling that their employers did not prioritise diversity during their own recruitment journeys.

“It’s encouraging to see the beginnings of a success story start to emerge, as employers of tech talent take action and introduce strategies to help improve workforce diversity,” said Khadijah Pandor, Head of Partnerships, EMEA & NA, at Wiley Edge. She also stated that “the positive outcomes that many employers are seeing only reinstates the value of this type of work”, setting a positive example for other industries facing similar challenges.

Despite these improvements, there is still a lot of work to be done, as the report has revealed. Pandor asserts that more should be done to encourage individuals from diverse backgrounds to consider, and feel prepared to pursue, a career in tech. Wiley Edge seeks to assist employers in diversifying talent pipelines and preparing graduates from diverse backgrounds for the world of work, boasting a diverse alumni composed of 42% women and 51% Black, Asian, or minority ethnic.

Several methods of anti-bias hiring were employed by the surveyed businesses, including setting diversity targets, publishing neutral job descriptions, conducting blind CV reviews, providing anti-bias training for interviewers, and prioritising diverse shortlists.

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