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The Surprising Truth Behind The Battery Industry’s Big Secret

Lithium batteries, the current industry standard, can be ticking time bombs. They’re expensive, environmentally unfriendly, and, frankly, potentially dangerous. Remember those headlines about phones and electric cars catching fire? They’ve gotten worse.

In New York, one out of every five fire deaths this year were from lithium batteries. That’s the legacy lithium’s left behind. And if New York is any indication of what’s to come, the longer we rely on lithium batteries, the more lithium deaths we’ll be hearing about on the news.

Even still, our future relies on batteries. Forecasts project the market for global energy storage systems to rocket up to a staggering $435.32 billion by 2030. Right now, there’s not even enough batteries for less than 1% of all global power needs.

Therefore it stands to reason, with so many headwinds against lithium batteries, investing in a non-lithium technology could represent a significant opportunity. Thankfully, today there is a seismic shift away from lithium happening, and there’s one investment you can make today to cash in on this growing trend. A new company has introduced a revolutionary next-gen battery–a lithium-free innovation that’s safe, cost-effective, and incredibly powerful.

Say goodbye to sleepless nights worrying about battery fires. That’s because the next-gen battery platform is based on a battery chemistry that is dramatically safer than lithium.

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Unlike lithium, this pioneering battery technology uses materials that are inherently safe. These next-gen battery cells can’t explode or catch fire, even under extreme conditions. In all of the stress testing, gas leak, and nail puncture tests, these cells beat every other cell tested.

A new investment that can redefine your future.

The company behind this revolutionary next-gen battery is an early-stage battery upstart called Next Thing Technologies. And they recently opened a new funding round to allow anyone like yourself to invest in their technology platform.

That means you can invest in the next-gen battery right now.

This technology can be so disruptive, it’s poised to transform how we power our lives. While the company’s flagship home storage battery is just the start, these next-gen battery modules are set to transform not just homes, but everything from data centers… to commercial buildings… to the utilities themselves!

Reasons to consider investing in early-stage companies:

  • Potential for returns: First of all, private companies may provide the opportunity for greater a return on investment than public companies. Their valuations often increase as they grow and scale, resulting in potentially higher gains for early investors before they reach the public market.
  • Early access to innovations: Secondly, investing in early-stage companies allows you to support groundbreaking ideas and technologies. Oftentimes, these technologies have the potential to fundamentally change the market landscape of the competition. And with disruptive potential, comes disruptive value creation.
  • Diversification: Lastly, if you are already invested in the stock market, early-stage companies offer new exposure to new companies in industries like technology or green energy that you can’t access as easily in the public markets.
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Next Thing Technologies says it fits those three criteria perfectly. And the company has already raised more than $6 million and counting. To date, they’ve made progress in five generations of testing commercial-grade battery cells. Now, they’re taking everything they’ve learned from all the previous tests and creating their latest generation module as well as a residential prototype.

As a result, they intend to produce units in as little as 18 months. So there’s never been a better time to invest in their innovative technology platform.

With an investment of $1,500, you can join thousands who have already backed this solution to our looming lithium-dependence crisis, and play a pivotal role in the shifting landscape of a massive industry.

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