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Meet Nasara Dabo, The 13-year-old Nigerian With IQ In Top 1% Globally

Nasara James Dabo, a 13-year-old from Southern Kaduna, Kaduna State, Nigeria, has been revealed to possess an IQ that ranks among the top 1% globally.

Former Nigerian lawmaker Shehu Sani shared her extraordinary story on his Twitter page, describing her as a motivation to young people.

Nasara James Dabo solved 34 maths problems in just 172 seconds

Nasara, a student at Ideal College International in Kaduna, gained attention for her exceptional performance at the International Mathematical Olympiad. She solved 34 math problems in just 172 seconds, averaging an impressive 5 seconds per question, earning her a gold medal in the junior category. Outshining 150 competitors worldwide, Nasara secured a total score of 145 and claimed the Olympiad champion title.

Following her victory, Nasara took the Mensa IQ test and achieved a remarkable score of 150, placing her in the top 1% globally among Mensa applicants. Additionally, Nasara received a LIMCA Award for memorizing 673 binary numbers in less than 9 minutes at the Memory Championship by Mind Sports Olympiad.

In recognition of her achievements, Nasara, who aspires to become a doctor, was awarded a scholarship by the Kaduna State government to cover her secondary and university education expenses. She has become a source of inspiration for young people, showcasing the incredible potential that resides within Nigeria’s talented youth.

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