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3 Ways To Address Common Social Media Obstacles

There are two types of people when it comes to social media: those that love sharing content and those that don’t.

1. Create a reasonable social media schedule

Three years ago, I hardly posted on social media. My reasons for not posting often had to do with laziness and insecurities. I have overcome both laziness and personal insecurities and am now posting regularly. I am at the point where I can honestly say that regular postings have helped my business.

I overcame laziness by creating a reasonable social media schedule for myself. My schedule included two posts a month on LinkedIn and two on Instagram or Facebook. I know many out there would say one needs to post more than this. However, a person or brand can become redundant if they post too much. I am also a fan of varying posts as much as possible.

For example, very rarely will I post the exact same post on more than one platform. If I post the same topic on multiple platforms, I will alter the text and switch out the image. Typically, I try to take various pictures for posts with the intent of using different images on different platforms.

2. Stick to your routine and niche

I created a tracking sheet in my first year of posting on social media. This allowed me to stay on task and create a routine. After each post, I would update my tracking sheet with a checkmark. Then, at the end of the month, I made sure I had four checkmarks for that month. I have been able to stick to my social media schedule for the past three years.

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For the past two years, I have been able to keep up with my postings without tracking. My postings have now become a habit. I am diligent about my social media postings without the need to keep track.

3. Make a list of topics to post on

The next question for anyone having trouble posting is, what should I post about? I typically will post on events, new business, business accomplishments and article postings.

I have a personal commitment to myself that I need to make a post about any event I attend. When attending an event, a lot goes into it, including time and often costs to attend. If one does not post about an event, it is a waste of an opportunity. I typically will post before the event and then post at the event.

New business is great to post since it shows the world that you are expanding and taking on new ventures. If you are in the service industry, such as I am in my role as a commercial real estate broker, you could post on a new assignment you have. Or if you own a restaurant and just picked up a new business to cater a significant event, that would be great to post on. Remember, the more personal you make your posts, the better they will be received.

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Business accomplishment posts show your current and new clients that you are active and flourishing. Originally, these posts were problematic for me since I consider myself a modest person and was concerned I would come off as boastful. l have concluded not to be concerned about what others may or may not think. I now believe that if your successes are posted in a down-to-earth manner, others will be happy with your achievements.

Article postings can either be articles you wrote or articles you found interesting. If you are sharing an article you wrote, I recommend including an extra piece of information in the post that is not included. If you are posting an article you did not write, I recommend including in the post your thoughts on the article and your reasoning for wanting to share it.

Once you have developed strong social media habits, they will become more accessible to maintain. I recommend maintaining them on your own. I know there is artificial intelligence to assist, such as bots that will like other posts for you and AI that will generate content. Stay authentic and do your own social media. Even if you post less because your time is limited, with social media, my opinion is that quality is more important than quantity.

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