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FG Urged To Review Biofuel Policy, Standardize Waste Management

A Professor of Chemical Engineering in University of Ilorin, Prof Temitope Elizabeth Odetoye, has called on the federal government to review its biofuel policy and standardized waste management in the country.

She said such a decision would suit the Nigerian environment stressing that there is the need for the government to excercise strong political will in driving the biofuel policy implementation.

Odetoye disclosed this during the 253rd Inaugural lecture of the university titled, “Symphony of Biomass, Bioenergy and Bioproducts for Sustainability”.

According to her, “with the very high turn out of Biomass residues and solid wastes generated daily in Nigeria, the potentials for biofuel production as complimentary efforts should be harnessed through the adoption of pyrolysis pilot plants, scale-up and commercialisation.”

The university Don described Biomas waste as a potential means of converting waste to wealth and creating opportunities for skilled engineers and technicians.

She said such homegrown technology would make the environment a cleaner place.

She said there’s the need to standardise waste management methods to include sorting from source to prepare feedstock for valorisation through pyrolysis.

Dedicated government agencies such as the Biofuel Energy Commission under the Ministry of Energy, she noted, should be energized to monitor the implementation of biofuel policy from time to time and carry out necessary reviews as implementation progresses.

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She called on the government,” to establish centres of excellence where pyrolysis and other biofuel technologies will be researched towards developing our biofuel technology that will be suitable and sustainable with our local materials.”

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