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IT Horizons, Cisco Meraki To Boost Cybersecurity For Businesses

IT Horizons, a leading technology solutions provider, has partnered with Cisco. Meraki to deliver advanced and integrated security solutions tailored for businesses in West Africa.

The collaboration aims to safeguard digital assets, ensuring a secure and seamless experience for any workload, anywhere.

IT Horizons’ partnership with Cisco Meraki combines over 10 years of cloud infrastructure expertise with Meraki’s success in over 500,000 global customers and 20,000 locations. As remote work and IoT usage expand, so does the attack surface, increasing vulnerability to threats like phishing, ransomware, and advanced persistent threats.

According to industry estimates, cybercrime costs the global economy over $6 trillion annually.

Speaking about the partnership, Managing Director of IT Horizons, Mr. Olusegun Enitan Dada, said: “Our mission at IT Horizons is to empower West African businesses with cutting-edge technology to solve complex problems and drive growth. Through our partnership with Cisco Meraki, we can offer comprehensive and robust security solutions that not only mitigate risks but also support continuous business operations.”

Solutions Engineer at Cisco, Mr. Chidinma Iwe, said: “Our integrated approach simplifies security management, allowing businesses to focus on growth without compromising security. Cisco Meraki’s robust solutions effectively protect digital assets against evolving threats. The Meraki dashboard offers an intuitive interface for easy network management and supports rapid deployment with minimal on-site configuration.”

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Lead, Security Solutions Engineer at IT Horizons, Mr. Arinze Eguzozie, said: “The solutions are scalable and flexible, covering wireless, switching, security, SD-WAN, mobile device management, sensors, smart cameras, and cellular gateways.

“They are designed to adapt to dynamic work environments, supporting both on-premises and remote operations.”

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