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NESTEC 2021 Paper: Computer Engineering And Its Specialties: Helping To Drive Technological Development In Nigeria

ABSTRACT Computer engineering is the outcome of the merger between two very distinct field of study—electrical/electronic engineering and computer science—and not all about fixing of computer or laptop issues—as some assume. The major aim of computer engineering is solving of specific problems through the knowledge and training derived from its two

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NESTEC 2021 Paper: Artificial Intelligence: As A Tool For Combating Insecurity In Nigeria

ABSTRACT Security is vital for the socio-economic development and sustainability of any nation. Currently, militancy, Boko Haram crisis, Fulani herdsmen, cow herders, local farmers’ clashes, and the heightening wave of kidnapping sums up the current state of security in Nigeria. Poor data management techniques on the part of government agencies have

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NESTEC 2021 Paper: Plastic Recycling-An Investigation Into The Properties And Prospects Of Plastic Tiles

ABSTRACT It is very clear that Nigeria has a waste problem. With the advent of modernization and urbanization has come the production of tons of different kinds of waste products of which plastics constitute a great percentage. Normally, it would be convenient to just discard those waste materials, but recycling is

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