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Transferable Skills: Learning To Play An Instrument In School Increases Achievement In English, Mathematics And Science

Children plinking away on the piano or tootling on the recorder may seem like a distraction from 'more important' subjects such as maths, English science. But new research has found that time spent on musical instruments boosts exam scores in arithmetic and biology, chemistry and physics. Overall, students who mastered instruments were

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Ford Turns More Than 650 Miillion 500ml Plastic Bottles Into Carpet For Some Of Its EcoSport SUVs Vehicles

Ford is recycling over one billion plastic bottles every year to develop elements of he car’s interior, reducing the amount of plastic ending up in a landfill. The American car maker has revealed that their Romanian-built EcoSport SUVs' carpets are made using 470 single-use bottles from recycled plastic bottles. The combined weight

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