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Integrated National Technology Blueprint

Blue Apple has developed an Integrated National Technology Blueprint that will assist in the development of engineering profession for the nation. Our mission is to contribute to moving Nigeria from a developing technology to a developed technology nation using a 3-pronged approach. This will be achieved through different modules of programs designed to meet global standards.

National Engineering Science and Technology Essay Competition, NESTEC

The first module is to raise 5,000 young engineers in 5 years with a clear understanding of the processes of developmental engineering entrepreneurship through innovative ideas. These young engineering students and graduates would be guided, mentored and trained to key into both local and global opportunities in engineering practices. The engineering students participate in the essay competition and winners are awarded prizes.


The second module is the training and developing of young minds from age 6 and above on current innovative trend such as Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Robotics, Blockchain, Web Programming, Coding, Cyber Security, Drone, Machine Learning, Big Data etc.

Hands and Brain Innovative Technology Summit, HaBITS

The third module is to harness innovative ideas and inventions through a platform called Hands and Brain Innovative Technology Summit, HaBITS. HaBITS seeks to close the gap between;

  1. Prototype and Commercialization
  2. Invention and Investor
  3. Academic and Industry

It is expecedt that hundreds of prototypes dumped in our institutions of higher learning and elsewhere would be brought forward for investors’ examination and scrutiny for adoption.  Blue Apple is partnering with National Office for Technology Acquisition and Promotion, NOTAP to realize this.HaBITS is open to a wide array of professional and expertise organizations and companies who are into;

  1. Design and prototype development
  2. Fabrication/production
  3. Software development
  4. Business plan development
  5. Consultancy
  6. Patenting/Intellectual Property/Copyrighting
  7. Manufacturing
  8. Materials/equipment vendor
  9. Research
  10. Tech funding
  11. Regulations
  12. Media
  13. Etc

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