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New Digital Identity Ecosystem Will Facilitate Biometric Data — NIMC

However, these hurdles will soon be overcome as the Federal Government recently launched new Digital Identity Ecosystem programme to facilitate the process of collection of biometric data nationwide within the shortest time by leveraging existing ecosystem of all government agencies. Director-General of the National Identity Management Commission, NIMC, Engr. Aliyu Aziz,

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High-Speed Wireless Technology Opens Up New Possibilities For Telemedicine, Connect Doctors With Patients

Telemedicine has gone way beyond conference calls: new technologies allow doctors to monitor blood pressure and other vital signs -- take x-rays even -- and assist with operations from miles away. Wireless technology is moving 'healthcare outside of clinics and hospitals', said Pamela Spence, health sciences market leader at Ernst &

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New Parkison’s Treatment Uses Implant To Sent Drugs Directly To The Brain

PARKINSON’S sufferers have been fitted with an implant that successfully allows drugs to be sent directly into the brain. They showed signs of improvement after a  protein was delivered with “pinpoint accuracy”  into damaged sections. Experts hope the device can also be used to treat other degenerative conditions. Some 41 Parkinson’s patients had ops to

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