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Corrugation And Shoving In Flexible Pavements: Causes and Remedies

Corrugation and shoving are two defects that usually occur in flexible pavements. Weak sub-grade conditions, improper rolling, poor mixing, temperature effect of bitumen, and weak bottom layers are different causes of corrugation and shoving in flexible pavements. What is Corrugation? The formation of ripples or waves on the flexible pavement generally perpendicular

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Aero Contractors Expands Destinations To Kano, Asaba, P’Harcourt And Warri

Aero Contractors has expanded its routes to Abuja-Kano, Lagos-Asaba, Abuja-Asaba and Warri-Port Harcourt. The services began on January 20, 2020. According to the Head of Commercial of the airline, Rogers Cookey, the routes will be operated as follows: Abuja-Kano, 11:10 am; Kano-Abuja, 12:20 pm; Lagos-Asaba, 8:30 am; Asaba-Lagos, 15:10 pm. Others include

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