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Protecting Sensitive Metadata so It Can’t Be Used For Surveillance

MIT researchers have designed a scalable system that secures the metadata — such as who’s corresponding and when — of millions of users in communications networks, to help protect the information against possible state-level surveillance. Data encryption schemes that protect the content of online communications are prevalent today. Apps like WhatsApp,

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Investors Are Backing A Nigerian Pharmacy Tech Startup To Disrupt Primary Healthcare

Over the past decade, Nigerian startups have popped up with solutions across several sectors from financial services to logistics and agriculture. Increasingly however, its health sector is also coming into focus as startups look to build profitable business around existing gaps in healthcare delivery while also making a lasting impact. With

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PoS Transactions Drop By 16%

Financial sector experts are divided over the 16 percent month-on-month, MoM, decline in the value of Point-of-Sale, PoS, transactions in January 2020. Analysis of  the  latest data from the Nigerian Interbank Settlement System, NIBSS, electronic payment channel shows that the  value fell  to N313.43 billion in January 2020 from N372.7 billion

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