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Nokia Bell Labs, Amber Extend Lithium-Ion Battery Life

Increasing the energy storage capability of lithium-ion batteries necessitates maximisation of their areal capacity. This requires thick electrodes performing at near-theoretical specific capacity. However, achievable electrode thicknesses are restricted by mechanical instabilities, with high-thickness performance limited by the attainable electrode conductivity. The researchers showed  that forming a segregated network composite of carbon nanotubes

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Stretchy Heart Monitor Tattoo Measures Electrical, Mechanical Body Signals

Stretchy Heart Monitor Tattoo Measures Electrical, Mechanical Body Signals Electrocardiograph and seismocardiograph readings can be taken simultaneously by an e-tattoo, according to the University of Texas at Austin – seismocardiography (SCG) is a measure of chest vibrations associated with heartbeats. “We can get much greater insight into heart health by the synchronous

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GMD NNPC, Maikanti Awarded Fellow As He Bows Out

At the annual lecture of the Nigerian Academy of Engineering, deserving pacesetters in engineering profession were inducted as fellows of the Nigerian Academy of Engineering. Notable among those honored was the Group Managing Director, Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation(NNPC), Engr,Dr. Maikanti Kacalla Baru,who made an informal announcement of his retirement in

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